Revisit the Past

Revisit Camp LejI recently had the honor and privilege of visiting the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, NC. My husband had been stationed there several years ago. He had many wonderful memories, but the last time he was there and the circumstances leading up to his departure had been heartbreaking and honestly devastating. The last time he was there, he went from preparing for his next deployment to being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer…

Assume and Sacrifice

Note: Faith, the author, is a KSP employee who volunteers for Military Missions.

KSP badgeYesterday we, the Kentucky State Police, lost one of our own. Our Trooper was gunned down along the interstate. As details leading up to his death began to service, the senselessness and sadness of his life being taken deepened. Two words repeatedly resound in my head when I think of this tragedy….

Hello From Afghanistan

As we head into the holiday weekend, please remember all those men and women that are deployed overseas. They are away from their family and friends and won’t be able to enjoy all the fun and food that might be planned. We recently received a very touching letter, and this seems like the perfect time to share it….

Hello Military Missions!

My name is Jeremiah and I am currently stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan. It is currently in the mid 100’s here in Afghanistan and unfortunately, the winds do not cool us down here, as they seem to actually make us more miserable and tend to make you walk around with irritated sandy red eyes.


dontgiveupDreams still come true and the seemingly impossible becomes a reality. Hope/faith is a powerful force. Any person throughout history or presently that accomplished something great or profound first decided in their mind they could do it. Then, they took action toward making that thing a reality. It’s not enough to simply want something or wish for it…