First, choose a name from our Hero list below. These names were handpicked from our full Hero list especially for our website adoptions. The list will be updated as names are adopted and others need to be added.

Next, decide if you want to shop for your Hero’s care package OR donate $30 and have us do the work for you.

OPTION #1 — If you decide to SHOP for the items yourself… use our suggested items list to purchase items for your Hero.  Bring or ship those items to our office between November 3rd – 14th.  Remember to also bring or send $10 to cover shipping the package to your Hero. 

OPTION #2 — If you decide to let us do the shopping for you… donate a minimum of $30. This will cover the cost of the items for the care package as well as the cost of shipping. 


Before we ship the care package, a card will be placed in the box stating “This care package was made especially for you by: ____” with your name or your family’s name filling in the blank. 

You will be sending a touch of home to your chosen Hero who is serving in harm’s way on our behalf. What better way to let them know they are not forgotten!!

Click for Adopt a Hero suggested item list

Email questions to



DANIEL  ID# 14094  —  Army  — Afghanistan  — Return 04/2015

DYRON   ID# 14097  —  Army  —  Kuwait  —  Return 04/2015

LESTER   ID# 14108 —  Army  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 05/2015

BRAD   ID# 14104  —  Army  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 04/2015

ADOPTED  SAMANTHA  (F)  ID# 14092  —  Army  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 04/2015

DAVID   ID# 14099  —  Army  —  Kuwait  —  Return 04/2015

ZEB   ID# 14100  —  Army  —  Kuwait  —  Return 04/2015

ADOPTED  COURTNEY  (F)   ID# 14118  —  Army  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 06/2015

DANA  (F)   ID# 14049  —  Navy  —  Ocean  —  Return 02/2015

TODD   ID# 14064 —  Navy  —  Ocean  —  Return  03/2015

ADOPTED  JASON   ID# 14123  —  Air Force  —  Qatar  —  Return 07/2015

ELVIS   ID# 14105  —  Air Force  —  Qatar  —  Return 04/2015

BRYAN   ID# 14057  —  USMC  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 02/2015

JESSE  ID# 14054  — USMC  —  Afghanistan  —  Return 02/2015

CHOOSE YOUR HERO AND FILL OUT THE INFO BELOW. Please note: Hero choice is first come, first serve. Please choose a second name in case your first choice has been selected by someone else. After submitting your info, you will receive an email within 48 hrs confirming your choice.


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