One of our most popular support efforts here at Military Missions Inc is sending care packages to our deployed troops.  We send a touch of home to those who are deployed and serving in harm’s way on our behalf.  We send out thousands of packages each year.

As we go about our daily lives, our troops stand watch over each of us, protecting us from harm and defending our liberties.  Each member of our Armed Forces is a parent, a sibling, a child, a spouse, a friend, and fellow American.  It is our responsibility to keep our troops encouraged and ensure they realize we are grateful for their service.

Join all of us at Military Missions, Inc. and help to make a difference in the lives of our American heroes and their family members. Find out what a blessing it is to be a part of OPERATION S.E.N.D.

Check out our website, read our blog, and be sure to find out about the different ways you can get involved in OPERATION S.E.N.D. We have year round assemblies including larger efforts in the Spring during OPERATION S.E.N.D. EASTER and in the fall as we prepare for OPERATION S.E.N.D. CHRISTMAS.

YOU can make a difference in the life of an American Hero.


It’s time to get the word out about OPERATION S.E.N.D. and we need your help!  We do not pay to advertise. This allows us to use our donations to cover the cost of care packages and the postage required to send the boxes overseas.

Get your friends, family, coworkers, teammates, classmates, club members, neighbors, and church friends involved. We need volunteers, care package donations, cards and letters, and monetary donations to offset shipping costs.

Pass out flyers!  Download donation suggestions and guidelines and get your shopping started!



Here are a few more links to get you started.


37 thoughts on “CARE PACKAGES

  1. I was hoping i could participate in sending packages to troops. Could i get information on how to do that? Where to send to?

    1. I’m not sure where you are located, but if you’re near Lexington Ky we have care package assembly nights that you could participate in. Due to security reasons we cannot give out names or addresses that have been submitted to us. If you would like to donate items through us, we will include them in outgoing care packages.

      1. I am located in Lexington, KY and would like to send a care package to someone deployed. How do I go about this? What is the next step?

  2. Hi, I would like to send a care package. I’m located in San Antonio, Texas. We have a few bases here. How can I participate, I would love to get involved.

    1. Hi Erika,
      Thank you for wanting to help support the troops! Our only office is in Ky but we support men & women from all over the US. You can visit our website for ideas of ways to help if you are outside our area. The link is
      Also, be sure to share our website if you know someone who would like to receive a care package while deployed. They can submit the required info at

  3. Military Missions, I am the principal of a small school in PA. We will be collecting items for deployed soldiers and I’m wondering if we can include small items for the soldiers to give to children and/or schools where they are serving?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for contacting us! We would be thrilled to have your school involved to help us support the troops! At this time we don’t send items for the children because we can’t determine who would be in locations to hand the items out. Some of them may be in remote locations and they would have no need for those items, so we choose to use every inch of the box for items that can benefit them the most.If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at Thanks!

  4. Where can I find military addresses to send ANIMAL care packages to, any location over seas? Also, any suggestions on what to send for these animal care packages?

    1. Hello! I’m afraid I won’t be much help… last year we had a unit that specifically requested items for their dogs but we currently do not know of any units with dogs. The units on our list might have dogs but we are not aware of it. Due to security risks it is getting harder to seek out info such as this. We just have to use the info that is submitted to us. Good luck on your quest!

  5. I’ve never done this before. I wanted to send a care package to a troop that would love one for Christmas. Is that a possibly?

  6. Hi! I’m sponsoring a company project for the holidays and we’d like to assemble care packages. Can we send them to you to distribute? We are located in Virginia, but I don’t mind boxing them all up and sending them to you in Kentucky if you let me know the address.

    1. Hi Amy, Yes that would be great! You can ship items to us at
      Military Missions
      3650 Boston Rd Suite 146
      Lexington Ky 40514
      Thank you!

  7. Hi Military Missions! My church Life Group is going to be putting care packages together and I’m looking for a platoon we can ship to. Would you be able to supply me with a platoon address or know how i can obtain one??


    1. Hi Tiffany,
      Thank you for contacting us! I wish we could help but, due to safety and security reasons, it is not our policy to give out the names & addresses that are submitted to us. I don’t know of any organizations that do currently. However, if you would like to collect the items and ship them to us, we would be thrilled to send them on to the units that we have on our list. We have over 2,000 troops that will be receiving unit packages for Christmas. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions. Thanks! ~Karen

  8. My kids would love to help with this by putting packages together. Is it possible for us to do this & then send them to you?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes, that would be great! We love when kids get involved and the troops absolutely LOVE receiving cards that the kids have made. You can ship the items to us at:
      Military Missions
      3650 Boston Rd, Suite 146
      Lexington Ky 40514
      Thank you!

  9. Do the care packages need to be received by you on November 19th or postmarked? We found your info today and would like to put a care package together.

    1. Hi Kimberly, Thank you for contacting us! Due to security reasons, we cannot give out the names & addresses on our list. However, if you would like to send your card(s) to us, we will be glad to include in a care package. We always try to send 8-10 cards & letters in every care package.

  10. I would like to send holiday cards to be included in care packages. Is it too late? If not, when do you need them by? If it’s not too late may I get your address?

    Thank you!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

    1. Hi Jamie, Thank you for contacting us! We are setting pretty good with holiday cards but we are ALWAYS in need of general thank you cards or patriotic themed cards. We send care packages year round so you can always send those types of cards. Our address is:
      Military Missions
      3650 Boston Rd, Suite 146
      Lexington KY 40514
      Thank you!

  11. Hi!
    A friend and I would like to assemble a care package but we aren’t locates in Kentucky. How should we approach the situation?

    1. Hi Camille,
      If you need ideas for items to include, you can find a suggested items list on our website. You can ship items to us at:
      Military Missions
      3650 Boston Rd Suite 146
      Lexington Ky 40514

  12. I have a binch of individually wrapped candy/snacks i got from church today.
    my children and i would like to donate it to a platoon overseas…where do we ship it ?
    thabk you. God Bless

  13. I have rosaries that I would like to send to the troops. Roughly 25. What would be the best way to accomplish this?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Joe, Thanks for contacting us! We have a chaplain on our list that I think would love to receive the rosaries. He is in a location where many troops pass thru each day so I’m sure they would be appreciated. Our address is :
      3650 Boston Rd, Suite 146
      Lexington KY 40514
      Thank you!

  14. We have two classes of children in CT that would like to send letters and snacks to our troops for Valentine’s Day. Where can we send it? What is the date it needsto be sent by to arrive by Valentine’s Day? Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi Michelle, Thank you for contacting us!
      It can take several weeks for care packages to arrive overseas so we won’t have time to get them there by Valentine’s Day. However, I’m sure the troops would absolutely LOVE receiving their letters even if they are late. You can ship them to us and we will include them in the next packages we send out. Our address is:
      Military Missions
      3650 Boston Rd Suite 146
      Lexington KY 40514
      Thank you!

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