Amazon Prime Day

AmazonSmileUnless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Amazon Prime Day, July 15th. They promise it will be bigger and better than black Friday. We’re not here to promote the event… HOWEVER… if you do plan to shop during this sale, please remember to use our AmazonSmile link so our troops can benefit from the purchases.

If you aren’t familiar with AmazonSmile, when you register and choose Military Missions as your charity, Amazon will donate a percentage of purchases to our organization. We will in turn use the funds to send care packages to our deployed troops.  It’s a win-win!!

If you are not already registered, it’s quick and simple! Just visit and it will take you to our registration page.

As always, we appreciate your support!


Freedom is Never Free

Cross and flag 1It was such a blessing to be a part of the Military Missions fundraiser event on the 4th of July at Saul Good. I was reminded this weekend of the true American spirit…. rally, support, encourage for a common purpose and greater good. Certain moments stand out and have stuck with me and I want to share the two most significant ones. One in particular is one I will never forget… 

Bless Those Who Protect Us

KSP funeral 2Influence and solidarity were demonstrated in their truest and fullest form the past couple days as one of our own Kentucky State Troopers was laid to rest. Trooper Eric Chrisman’s end of watch came 6/23/2015 and he was laid to rest Monday, June 29, 2015. This young man was born and raised in Lawrenceburg, KY and I had the pleasure of knowing him and his family.

July 4th event at Saul Good Restaurant


On July 4th, all Saul Good Restaurant & Pub locations in Lexington Ky will offer 1/2 price on all food as an incentive to generate donations for Military Missions, Inc.

We All Face Challenges

Atop the mountainMy husband doesn’t really enjoy accolades and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t handle compliments very well, to which I respond, “Get over it, because in this family you’re going to get both!” :) This week my husband joined a group of 14 other combat veterans to participate in the Save a Warrior Project hosted here in Kentucky! For those of you who have not heard of this program, in a nutshell it is basically an awesome, tried & proven PTSD Detox program…